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Deadbolt Locks
To secure a door you will want to use a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock is a different mechanism than the normal spring lock, the kind that springs back into place when you turn the knob.

The deadbolt is a distinct locking mechanism that is almost always installed as a separate lock, above the normal spring lock mechanism. A deadbolt has a larger bolt in the lock which will be much more resistant to break in.

The deadbolt is often used in conjunction with the normal spring lock mechanism, almost all sets of door locks come with the standard spring bolt and the deadbolt lock.

The deadbolt has to be turned by hand to lock into place, you either have to use the key or the turn bolt knob to secure it. The deadbolt will not secure into place on its own, like the spring lock does.

If you are at home then you may not want to use the deadbolt all the time.

If you are going out I would always recommend securing the deadbolt, this makes it much harder to break in to your habitation.

When deciding on a brand of deadbolt lock for your home I would use the best you can afford, if it's for a rental property then you could probably get away with going a bit cheaper. Check out our best brands of locks page, to see which brand is right for you.